college courses

get a head start on college!

Bonim B'Yachad and Gratz College are working together to offer live online college courses for the 2020-2021 school year.
Current options include: 

  • Calculus

  • Statistics

  • Psychology

  • Jewish History

  • US History

  • Additional courses upon request...

Get college credit for classes taken with Bonim B'Yachad


  • Schools can help their parents save a great deal of money by taking college courses while still in high school.

  • College credit courses can serve as a better alternative to AP courses for some students.

  • Schools can help students learn what to expect at the college level while still providing help and support.

why should i consider college classes?


  • The transition from high school to college can be challenging. Get some of the pre-requisite courses out of the way now.

  • Most high schools will also provide credit for these courses. So, you actually receive double credit.

  • Colleges will be impressed that you were able to handle college level classes while still in high school.

Getting started...


College courses work like any other Bonim B'Yachad online course.

Once the subject, schedule, and logistics are set, Bonim B'Yachad will request the following for each student...

  • Transcript for previous years of high school (3.5 GPA is required to earn college credit).

  • Recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor.

  • Short essay (500 words) from the student explaining why he/she wants to take college level courses.

  • A $250 deposit from each student. Courses cost a total of $675 per student, in addition to the regular fees charged by Bonim B'Yachad. The remaining balance will be due by December 31, 2020.


Upon successful completion of a college course, all participating students will receive an official college transcript from Gratz College.

Gratz College credits are accepted by major US colleges and universities.

For more information or to begin the registration process, please contact Bonim B'Yachad at info@bonimbyachad.org.


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