Making the best of difficult situations...

The world is going through a difficult time, but learning must continue.

Our organization is dedicated to providing all students with a strong education, regardless of current circumstances. 

Bonim B'Yachad is here to help!

Bonim B'Yachad can help you with the following services...

Online Courses

Bonim B'Yachad offers full courses in all academic subjects. Students can continue learning from home.

Our teachers can pick up right from where the students left off.

Judaic, general studies, AP, and foreign language subjects available for students in grades 3-12 

Technology Platform

If your staff feels comfortable continuing their classes online, we are here to provide assistance.

Bonim B'Yachad is happy to share its video conferencing platforms and can also provide technical support to both teachers and students signing in from home.

Staff Training

Bonim B'Yachad's teachers go through a vast training program to become amazing online teachers. While this takes time, we can train your staff in the "basics" which will enable them to use the online tools more effectively. 

Bonim B'Yachad will be providing the services above "at cost" to any schools or students who are unable to attend school due to the Coronavirus.
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